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Payment Drop Box WDB-110/WDB-110E Wall Mount


This is an exceptionally well built box. We bought it mostly to have a place to store rent until we take it to the bank. It does that and should be very secure because it is made of very heavy steel. It includes what looks to be high quality lag bolt for wood and anchor bolts for concrete. Installation was easy and reassuringly solid.
The opening is made for envelopes and works well, though #10 envelopes are just a bit to wide to go in width wise. There is plenty of room in the drop box to store a whole lot of rent checks. Only a determined thief will be getting them out. The small opening makes fishing things out a lengthy and difficult process. The lag bolts and sturdy steel making ripping it out a very arduous and noisy endeavor.
I can't say this is just what we needed as it is substantial overkill, but that is just fine.
Date Added: 02/01/2015 by John O'Bryan