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what is the best drop safe for my business?

Drop Safe, Depository Safes, what is the best safe for my business?

Each business is different and a right drop safe can keep your cash safe and keeps thieves a way. Let us take a look at some business and their needs for a drop safe, if you are in a

Delivery Business

Dual Drop safe.jpg
like Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, Papa Jones,  Subway, etc., were you have drivers in and out the store with money, it is dangerous for drivers to leave the store with large sums of money on them, so it is recommended for the drivers to keep $20 of change or less on them when they leave the store, it is also recommended to ask the customer when the order is placed how he is paying for it and how large of a bill he is using if he is paying cash. We recommend a double drop safes, the top is a drop safe and the bottom is a manager safe, The bottom safe (non drop safe) is for manager use to keep important documents and the day cash the business collected from sales and drivers who checked out for the day, the money of course will be delivered to the bank by the end of the day.

Non Prophet Businesses – Churches, Mosques, Temples and synagogues collect donations from their attendees, to have small drop safes through-out the establishment help collect money with asking for it. The price of these

mail drop safe2.JPG        Donation Safe.jpg          Donation box.jpg

donation drop boxes is fairly low and it will pay for itself in no time. Our Donation Drop Safes can be mounted to a desk or a wall with the mounting hardware is included with simple instructions on how to mount it. Most of our Donation boxes have dual locks (The keys can kept with 2 persons and have those 2 present to open the safe which provides more transparency and accountability.

Mail Drop safe – For confidential documents and mail we offer safes with slots and secured key locks, these safe are indoor safes, it cannot be placed out in the rain. Some of these drop safes can be mounted on the door and other can be mounted to a desk or a wall.

mail drop safe.jpgmail drop safe1.JPGmail drop safe2.JPG


If you need help finding the right safes for you send us an email with the type of business you are running and we will do our best to provide a information  on right drop safe for you business.

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