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In Wall Safes - Wall Mounted

Discount Home Office In Wall safes that fits between studs safes from different vendors give the choice to select the your wall safe brand you are more comfortable with. If you are looking for a hidden wall safe, behind a picture wall safe, fireproof wall safe for homes, wall mount safe  or a wall mounted for a payment drop money safe or in office envelop drop safe in front of your office we have a solution for it, browse our wall safes or use the advance search to find what you are looking for. Free shipping on all of our discount wall  safes.

Wall Safe Key lock options:

  1. Digital Wall Safe
  2. Combination Wall Safe
  3. Key Lock Wall Safe
  4. Finger Print  Wall Safe

Our wall safe can be categorized in 2 categories:

  1. Hidden wall safes (safes that installed inside the wall, which makes it a concealed wall safe), these safes are shallow wall safe that fits inside the wall and secured against the studs.
    • fireproof wall safe for home or office
    • burglary wall safe for home or office
  2. Hanging wall safes (safes that hangs on that hangs on the wall in plain view for customers to see and drop their rent/comments/donations in the safe)