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Discount Office Safes

 For the best office safe for your office checkout the wide selections of office safe with drop slot, office gun safe, Small Office Safe and large office safe with all on sale.

Our Commercial Office safes carry the lowest prices all the time guaranteed by our 110% low price guarantee.  If you asked your self where to buy a fireproof safe for you office or home office then you are in the right place, choose from a selection of fireproof safes or a burglary safes that can be bolted to the ground. Our safes offered with a combination lock or a digital lock. Browse our selection of small office safes, large office safes and extra large discount office safes to select what fit your needs.

To search for that perfect fit safe search our Discount Office Safes by demensions or size.

Office Safe Frequently Asked Questions:

I use my Office Safe all day long, locking and locking get tiresome, is there a solution to this?

You need a day time lock safe, it is a safe with a dial lock and a key lock (dual locks office safe), when you get to the office in the morning you open the safe using the key and the dial, from now until the end of the day just use the key to lock and unlock the safe without turning the dial. This making getting in and out the safe easier during day time and add security to the safe when locked by both locks.

Note that the key will lock the handle that open the safe.

Note that this method does not work on a safe with digital lock since the digital lock get activated when the door closed while the dial lock has to be turned for it get activated.

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