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Drop Safes

Discount Home Office where you can find a wide selection of depository drop safes, the perfect solution for dropping cash deposit  with an added security, Our drop box safe can be bolted to the floor and they provide extra security with anti-fish baffles on each drop door.

Our Money drop Safe can have a combination lock or a digital lock, if you have any question before you buy a depository safe please email us your Specs and what you want to use your drop safe for and we will get the answer for you. Some of the benefit you get when buying a new depository safe from us is the warranty we offer with it and the lowest price on the Internet, so why think about a used deposit safe when you can get a new for this low price. Go a head and place your secure order online today, We usually have coupons on website, if you do not see one email us for current promotion on the safe you are interested in..

These Drop Safes is a must for cash handling stores like delivery places like Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa Jones and others, Drop the cash and do not expose your delivery people to robbery and muggings. Also these safe can be used as a night drop safe, deposit safe box, night deposit with night deposit bags or without to protect your cash allowance and extra cash left at night in your store or place of business. This night deposit box mostly used as a night deposit drop box  for cash and valuables.

All Drop safe on sale with lowest price guaranteed.

Discount Home Office Drop safes Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best use for a drop safe? what business is it most suitable for?

Based on previous experience we noticed that businesses where the employees are the cashiers for the business most delivery businesses like Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, etc. where the drivers collect money from customers and it is not safe to keep that money on them and they need to drop it in a safe place untill the end of the shift.