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Burglary Bolted Safes

Discount Home Office Discount Burglary Bolted Safes - these safes can be bolted to the ground to add more security and protection for your valuables, all small safes must be bolted to the ground to prevent a thief from walking away with your safe and valuables, we offer both digital lock and combination lock safes, please note that most of our combination lock safes are upgradeable to digital lock safe. We also offer Free ground shipping on all of our safes to the lower 48 USA states.

All safes almost can be bolted to concrete floor, wood floor or a carpeted floor. If you asking how can i bolt a safe to wood floor? or how can i bolt a safe into concrete? or how can i bolt a safe to floor carpet? the simple answer it does not matter what type of floor you are bolting the safe to, it is the same idea to bolt a safe down, however; the tools might differ slightly.

We do recommend that you follow the manufacture document when you are bolting a safe to the ground, if there is not a document available then you can search the net for "how to bolt a safe to the ground", this is a set of instruction to give you an idea, make sure you have the tools and know how, otherwise, hire a professional to do this.

How to bolt a safe to the floor?

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