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4 Things to know before buying a home safe

Four Things to know before buying a home safe

  1. Location: Did you figure the place where the safe will be? How big or small this spot is? Based on that select the safe taking in consideration the outside diminutions of the safe, do not forget the door swing to get the safe open, and also remember the hinges of the safe, make sure to clarify this before buying a safe especially if the space you have for the safe is close to the dimensions of the safe.
  2. Lock Type: Safes mostly comes in digital electronic or combination dial lock and some safes they are key lock or figure print.
    1. Combination lock:
      1. The combination cannot easily change, a special tool is required and some know how, probably a locksmith is a good idea.
      2. It takes time and concentration when opening the safe.
      3. If you have a health problem like getting a grip on things this might cause you a problem when opening the safe.
      4. Most safes have a dial lock already installed and the price is included with the total price of the safe unless the safe available is only a digital safes then a small amount will be charged to change the lock to a dial lock.
    2. Digital lock:
      1. The combination easily changed, some locks support more than on user.
      2. Easily operated by pushing 4 digits and opening your safe.
      3. The prices vary from one manufacturer to another but it is reasonable especially if requested at the time of ordering.
    3. Key lock:
      1. Most small safe and some large safe have a key lock or a double key lock for organization that required 2 people to open the safe.
      2. Easy to open and extra key can be ordered at the time of ordering.
    4. Fingerprint/Biometric lock:
      1. Obviously this is the easiest to operate.
      2. And the most expensive compared to the other locks.
  3. Fire ratings: selecting a high fire rating is the best choice considering you are buying a safe hopefully once, a 2 hours fire ratings will give that much time in a 1700° F, if you live far away from the fire station then you better off getting a safe with enough time for the trip and how long it takes the firefighters to put the fire out.
  4. Content to be stored in the safe: What you will be using the safe for? What will you being using this safe for in a few years from now? Knowing that and thinking ahead will save you money in the long run, if your needs will change in a few years then a slightly bigger safe is cheaper than buying another safe in a few years.

This is top 4 things to know before you buy a safe, at least for me, I am sure others have different experience and thought about this, if we missed something or you have something to add to this article to help others who are looking for their first safe send it to us and we will added under your name below this article. (to send your comments click here)

Have fun and enjoy your safe.

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