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In-Floor In-ground Safes

At Discount Safes & Locks we offer a wide selection of safes, our In-Floor/Underground Safes are made in the USA or manufactured overseas with a USA supervision,  with the highest quality and craftsman ship, our price is even lower than the price of other safes that are imported, one other benefit of buying a floor or in-floor safe from us is the support and warranty that comes with your floor safe.

Underground safes are grate safe with added security when the safe is bolted to the ground, our floor safe can be set on the floor, some are built to be set in the floor concrete "underground safe" or "in concrete ground safe", either ground safe box is a good way to go to protect your valuables.

Our Discount UnderGround Safes provide maximum security for your valuables, you can throw a rug over it and no one will know that you have a safe., also our Under Ground Safes provide a tight water seal that prevent any water from entering the safe.

All Underground Safes/Floor Safes on sale with lowest price guaranteed.