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Your 100% satisfaction guaranteed to get the item you purchased from us as described in the listing, for the price which shows in the listing at the time of the purchase, if there is a misprinting or advertising of the item in question when it arrives to you, we will replace it with the correct item at no cost to you (please note: colors vary based on you computer's hardware and might look slightly different).

If you have any concern regarding an item your purchased from us then email us your concern and we make sure that your are happy and satisfied, after all we would like to have your business again and again.

Within 14 days from the time the package was shipped you can return it with no question asked, all returns will not be accepted without a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA), email us and we will provide the instruction and the documents including the RMA.

The actual shipping of the package is not refundable and restocking fees maybe charge.