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Fingerprint Wall Safe FW-1814Z

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  • Model: DHO-FW-1814Z


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FW-1814Z Fingerprint Wall Safe Description

The Fingerprint Wall Safe FW-1814Z is a burglary-resistant wall safe with fingerprint locking system. It has a high-quality velvet interior and the motorized locking bolt system automatically opens the door.

  • Designed to be installed between 16” o/c wall studs
  • Key lock override system
    • 2 keys included
    • Power override included 
  • Dual live motorized chrome bolts (3/4” diameter)
  • Made of heavy-duty gauge steel
  • Spring-loaded door
  • Door thickness is 5/8” formed steel
  • 2 removable shelves

FW-1814Z Fingerprint Wall Safe specifications

The Fingerprint Wall Safe FW-1814Z has the following specifications:

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 
  • Exterior:                            18.25” x 14.13” x 3.88”
  • Interior:                             18.13” x 14” x 3”
  • Weight:                                  29 lbs.
  • Capacity:                                0.44 cubic inches
  • Flange size (W x H):              16” x 20”
  • Anchor holes:                         3 per side (6 in total)