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Cobalt Digital Wall Safe Fits between 16" Studs EW-B1

  • Model: DHO-EW-B1

Sale: $222.41
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Cobalt Digital Wall Safe Description

This Cobalt Digital Wall Safe EW-B1/BILL-02E is very easy to install and has a non-volatile memory. The bolts can be automatically retracted and has hidden hinges. The interior is carpeted to make it more stylish.

Other security features include the following:

  • ·        2 7/8” diameter solid steel locking bolts
  • ·        2 changeable 1-8 digit combinations
  • ·        2 shelves
  • ·        4 holes with mounting bolts
  • ·        Durable off-white powder-coated paint finish
  • ·        Digital keypad with emergency bypass key

Cobalt Digital Wall Safe specifications

The Cobalt Digital Wall Safe EW-B1/BILL-02E have the following specifications:

  • ·         Dimensions with Flange (H x W x D):          17.75” x 16” x 3.75”
  • ·         Dimensions without Flange (H x W x D):     15.75” x 14” x 3.25”
  • ·         Weight:                                                          36 lbs.

Shipping and Delivery

The Cobalt Digital Wall Safe EW-B1/BILL-02E is shipped usually thru UPS/FedEx Ground. It is the manufacturer’s choice to who they will ship this wall safe and if a signature is required or not.