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First Alert 2754DBF Fire Resistant Digital Executive Gun Safe

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  • Model: DHO-2754DBF


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First Alert 2754DBF Fire Resistant Digital Executive Gun Safe

The First Alert 2754DBF 10.6 Cubic-Foot Protector Executive Gun Safe with Digital Lock protects your valuables from theft and fire. Made of durable stainless steel, this fire and theft-resistant safe keeps firearms and other valuables securely locked up within its carpeted confines, and it opens only when the correct digital code is dialed into the keypad. With its durable construction and roomy design, the 2754DBF offers plenty of storage space while preventing unauthorized users from accessing your firearms. Live bolts, a recessed door, and a theft- and fire-resistant design ensure that only those with knowledge of your unique digital code have access to your items, making this unit ideal for households with children or for vulnerable areas such as garages and sheds.

Secure and Easy to Use: The 2754DBF offers straightforward, simple operation. The lock runs on four "AA" batteries (included) and uses a convenient digital keypad to keep your firearms secure. To start, you'll create a code consisting of three to eight numbers-there's no need to keep track of keys or cards. After the code is entered, the heavy-duty, chrome-plated, three-spindle handle turns for effortless opening. Should you forget your code or wish to change it for security reasons, you can quickly and easily reprogram the lock. There's also an emergency override key to bypass the digital keypad in case the batteries run out of power.

Protection from Thieves: The 2754DBF is specially designed to prevent trespass of the safe's most common entry points. Thieves often disable and gain entry to a safe by prying it open at or near the hinges. Because of this, the 2754DBF boasts concealed interior door hinges to prevent thieves from using a crowbar or other device to reveal the contents of the safe. The recessed door also acts as a theft deterrent by preventing entry of devices meant to force the door open. To ensure optimum security, the 2754DBF includes five, 1-inch, steel lock bolts that secure the door and protect the seal. These bolts can stand up to crow bars, heavy bats, and more.

Spacious and Convenient: The 2754DBF offers ample space and several storage options to protect your items while they're locked away. Three adjustable shelves combine with an adjustable gun rack that holds up to 18 guns (depending on size). A rubber floor mat protects the floor from dust, water, and dirt, while gray carpeting on the walls prevents nicks and scratches from marring your guns. For added convenience, there's also a removable, lockable ammo storage box that's ideal for storing ammunition, as well as an accessory rack for keys, coats, or other items. Also features a motion activated interior light and internal emergency door release. First Alert 2754DBF Fire Resistant Digital Executive Gun Safe


  • 10.6-Cubic foot capacity and solid steel construction.
  • Interior Dimensions(HxWxD): 56.2 in. x 21.4 in. x 15.2 in.
  • Exterior Dimensions(HxWxD): 59 in. x 24 in. x 22 in.
  • Programmable digital lock with dust cover accepts 3-8 digit pass code.
  • Concealed hinges prevent theft by prying.
  • Includes 1 locking removable ammo and storage box plus 3 adjustable shelves and mounting kit.
  • Adjustable/removable gun rack that holds 14-18 guns.
  • Backed with 5 year limited warranty and lifetime after-fire replacement.