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Gun Safes - what gun safe do you need?

There are hundreds of different gun safe online and in your local stores but which one is right for you? having a few things to consider before buying your gun safe will make the selection easier, so let us see what other suggest when buying a gun safe first:

Gun safe suggestions:

  • Gun Safe Fire Ratings: get some fire rating

  • Gun Safe Weight: That comes with the size, the bigger the gun safe is the heavier it is. To make the gun safe heavier bolted to the ground with at least 2 bolts in 2 opposite corners.

Now let us talk about how much should you spend for your gun safe? a few suggestion here also:

What are you storing in you gun safe? What is the value of those things? Do you think it is wise to buy a $5000 - $6000 safe to store a couple of hundreds or a couple of thousands dollars worth of stuff in it? obviously not.

What do you want from your gun safe? Do you want fire protection? Do you want burglary protection? OK,  Fire protection is easy to select since each safe has a fire rating, that is done. what about the theft part? What is your concerns? all safes will slow down a thief from getting to its contents, some safes will slow them down longer than others but if you safe is in your home or any place that has people around that would be plenty of time and noise to let people know that there is an intruder in the house.

So weather you have a $1000 safe or a $5000 safe it will be the same at this point, and if you have one of those safe that cost an arm and a leg and a thief knows what is inside it and wants it, that safe it is not going to stop a thief, i've seen safes that was yanked out of grocery store using chains and a truck and take the side wall with them too. No safe will have a 100% protection, sorry to say that but this the truth and if someone tell you otherwise they are full of hot air.

Rather than spending 5k - 6k dollars on a gun safe use 1k - 2k for a safe and use the reset to protect your complete house including you safe and your family by installing a security system, etc.

I hope these suggestions helped you make a wiser choice for you next gun safe, after all the choice is yours and we only point things out that we do not think about when we are searching for a gun safe. Gun safes protect your kids and family before it protect your guns and valuables, obtaining a gun safe means you care.

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