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4 Easy steps to assemble a wire shelf.

4 Easy steps to assemble a one inch pole wire shelf.

Preparation steps:

  1. Make sure you have the parts for the shelf which includes these minimum parts: Poles, shelves and sleeves (see images below)

Other parts are optional:

Wheels tand leveling fee (see images below)

Leveling Feet

  1. Determine the height of the bottom shelf from the ground (we will assemble the shelf from the ground up). If you are using wheels or shelf leveling screws then you need to consider that in the height.  
  2. If the poles comes in 2 pieces (poles comes in 36”, to make the shelf height 72” (6 feet) you need to connect the 2 poles together using one of these included connector. (See image below)


Assembly Steps:

  1. Attach a pair of sleeves to the bottom of the each pole; make sure they have the same height. See image below:

  1. Have the shelf stand on its side (see image below), slide the poles one at a time starting from the bottom. (see image below)

  1. Stand the shelf on it is feet and built the rest of the shelves, if the shelf is too tall for you just finish it laying on it is side.


  1. Optional: if you have wheels or leveling screws you can screw them in now before you set the shelf up, the wheels might give some trouble when you stand the shelf up, ask someone to help you hold the bottom of the shelf to prevent it from sliding.
  2. When finished, make sure that the shelves are setting evenly on the plastic sleeves and make sure the shelves look even, if one of the slip sleeves sets too low or too high you can adjust it and then with a hammer and a piece of wood you gently force the shelf over the sleeves.


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