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Discount Mall Inc. - offers a wide selections of Safes for you home, office and discount safes gun storage. We offer free shipping on all safes and other products sold on our store, we ship directly from the manufacture and pass the saving to you. Besides Office Safes, Home Safes we offer security and WIFI locks, Wire shelving storage solution and a wide selection of POS and shredders with no Tax and free shipping.

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Discount Home Office Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to install my home safe?

Your home safe should be installed in a location that is easy to get to it and not so abusive for others, Picking a good location and making your home safe is hard to find is the first step towered protecting your valuables, thief have limited time to get in and out of a home and having your safe installed in a good location will make chiefs focus on other things.

I use my Office Safe all day long, locking and locking get tiresome, is there a solution to this?

You need a day time lock safe, it is a safe with a dial lock and a key lock (dual locks office safe), when you get to the office in the morning you open the safe using the key and the dial, from now until the end of the day just use the key to lock and unlock the safe without turning the dial. This making getting in and out the safe easier during day time and add security to the safe when locked by both locks. Note that the key will lock the handle that open the safe.

How to secure your home safe?

Home safes usually small and not so heavy which make it easier for a thief to curry the whole safe with its content, one way to make you safe secure and heavy is by bolting it to the floor, most safes come per-drilled and have the bolting kit included with the safe, also an instruction sheet will direct you step by step on how to do it, if you are not comfortable doing that a handy man or a professional is recommended.

What can i store in my home safe?

Home safe is not meant to be a replacement for banks, however, you can use your home safe to store hard to replace items like passport, birth certificate, pictures, deeds, some extra cash in case you need to have access to it at any time.

Size and fire rating of a home safe.

Always pick a slightly larger size than you think you need, you will be supersized of all the things you have and can be stored in your home safe. As far as the fire ratings, consider how far a way from the nearest fire station and how long it takes them to respond to a fire, based on that you can select a 30 minutes, one hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours fire resistance home safe.

How hard is it to assemble a shelf?

All of our shelf is put together without tools, all of our completed shelf are shipped with the instructions step by step on how to assemble your shelf.