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Silver Electronic Key-less Deadbolt lock 6 Users w Remote


Works great! Wireless remote make's things very easy. I am able to set the lock to auto lock which puts my mind at ease when leaving my condo because even if I forget to lock it, it will lock it for me. Also I can't get locked out because of the keypad. It is much easier to add & remove codes than hand out keys, this way I will not have to change the lock's all the time. Looks great, functions great, easy install. I did however try to get a key made the other day & liked the ones that have the light in them, however that is Kwikset apparently & LockState keys cannot be made with Kiwkset keys. That was more lack of knowledge on my part, I would much rather have all the features of this lock than the key with a light on it anyway, especially since i've installed it I have yet to use the key except for testing purposes.
Date Added: 11/30/2036 by A. Hack