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LockState LS-L500i-SN Electronic/Wifi Lever Lock - Satin Nickel


This lock, so far, seems like a good investment. It was relatively easy to install and set-up on the door of my fraternal organization, and seems to work well.

WARNING: Be SURE to record both the access code and the MAC address off the label on back of the inside portion of the lock, otherwise, you'll be taking it back off the door. BOTH of these numbers are required to set it up.

While alkaline batteries will work, I suggest lithium-ion batteries. They're more expensive, but their voltage curve is better suited to a device such as this. The lock will email you when the batteries are near the end of their life -- but have a spare set on-hand. Lithium batteries fail quickly when they run low.
Date Added: 01/02/2015 by John R. Wardlow