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ResortLock Software Management Package

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  • Model: DHO-LS-RLMSW


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Utilize the full potential of ResortLock with the Lock Management Package.  This package comes with software, ibutton programming key and iWire.  The ibutton programming key is what will carry information between your computer and your lock and the iWire connects the ibutton to the usb port on your computer. The Lock Management Package expands the functionality of your lock in the following ways...

Audit Trail

Need to know who is accessing your property and when?  Audit Trail allows you to do just that.  Know for sure if your maintenance or cleaning people are showing up.  Through the Lock Management software, you can assign guest, employee, or contractors names to every code and ibutton you provide. Via the ibutton, you can then download access information from the lock and view on your computer.

Time Shift Scheduling
Program and assign Shift Schedules to multiple codes or ibuttons.  For example, you may want a certain code or ibutton that you set up for your cleaning company to only grant access on Wednesdays from 12pm to 5pm.  That code/ibutton would not provide access during any other time.  Or, you may want to make certain codes to work during business hours for employees.

Lock Operation Scheduling
Program a schedule of operation for your lock.  Choose from locked, unlocked, pass-through (Classroom Mode) and code-entry (Storehouse Mode).  For example, if the lock is for a business, you may want to schedule as follows:

  • Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm, set lock to open.
  • Monday - Friday from 5pm to 9am, set lock to lock.
  • Saturday - Sunday, set lock to Storehouse Mode.

Faster Management

  • Issue multiple one-time and permanent codes and ibuttons at once.
  • Change multiple lock settings
  • Set date and time
  • Change scheduled access for multiple codes en mass
  • Set auto lock/unlock times

View Lock Status and Settings
Download information from your lock, such as battery strength, time, lock modes and settings.