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LockState LS-DB500 Electronic Deadbolt Lock


I wanted to love this product. (now owned this lock for about 6 months) I have multiple people coming and going from my house on a regular basis and a keyless deadbolt is the answer. This particular unit is not.
The good:
-easy to use daily
-relatively easy to install and program
-multiple codes (many just have one)for different people so you can deactivate any you don't want to have access to your home anymore
The bad:
-battery life is short - goes through 4 AA batteries in less than 3 weeks
-rechargeable batteries you say - do not have enough power to make the lock work
-only one notification (a quick flash of red) that your batteries are dead
The ugly:
-has left me in the lurch several times where it just stopped working with brand new batteries. i.e., out of town for the weekend and the dog sitter can't get in!
The lack of reliability is a huge problem and I'm tossing this model. Not giving up hope on keyless and have ordered a different model/maker.
Date Added: 03/19/2014 by LP Smith