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LockState LS-DB500 Electronic Deadbolt Lock


Won't do without again!
I love this item, install was a snap, took 1.5 tries to get it all in but that's because I was confused on one point in the instructions. I was able to install with no additional drilling aside from the self taping mounting screws. I love the auto lock feature this item has - no more worrying about "...did I forget to lock the door...?" as it will automatically lock after a period of time you get to set. As the key is electronic there's no getting locked out and best of all if you have a situation where someone needs to enter your residence you can simply give them the code and change it later.

Bottom line is I won't do with out one of these products again - a must have!

10/31/2012 Update:
I thought I would update my review since I had new doors installed and had the lock moved to the new doors. I'm happy to report the lock is still working. I will advise to buy very good batteries. I am using lithium energizers; alkaline batteries only last about four to six weeks.
Date Added: 02/22/2015 by Paul S.