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4 Easy Steps to Bolt a Safe to the Ground

How to Bolt a Safe to the Ground.

Some safes comes in with a paper template to guide you drilling the holes in the concrete/wood floor, if you have that then you can use it to mark the holes on the surface you are bolting the safe into, the holes on the template should match the pre-drilled holes on the safe, make sure they do and make sure you set the template on the surface and have the holes in it match the holes in the safe.

(What I mean is, some safes they have 1 or 2 pre-drilled holes that are located on opposite sides of the safe like front-right and rear left, if you use the template the wrong way you might end up with safe door facing the wall.)

Mark the drilling points on the surface.

If you do not have a template then follow these Easy steps to bolt a safe to the ground.

  1. Read the manual or the cards that are included with the safe, use the right size bit to drill the holes, be gentle and take your time. After you drill the holes set the safe on the surface you wanted to bolt it to and use a pencil or a marker to mark the drilling points on the floor.
  2. Using the right size/type drilling bit, drill the holes.
  3. Using the hardware (Some safes come with the hardware included, others you have to purchase the hardware from your locale hardware store i.e. Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Lows, etc.).
  4. Set the safe on top of the installed hardware and line it up and tight the bolts, make sure that the anchor is tight fit with the hole you drilled.

Things to know before you bolt your safe to the ground:

  1. When bolting a fire safe or a water proof safe to the ground and making a hole in the safe it will not be a 100% fire/water proof. It is a trade in between burglary security and security from fire and water damage. I do not care what some people say about this but this is a fact.
  2. It will be best done with light weight safes for added security to the safe, obviously if you have a 1000 lbs. or more safe you will not need to bolt it (Use your judgement).
  3. We always recommend that a professional do this, it is dangerous and you might damage your safe or/and floor, or hurt your self, be cautious.

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