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Wide Chrome Expandable Closet Organizer 58"- 83"

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  • Model: DHO-SC05813
  • Product ID :1023
  • Condition : Brand-New with Manufacturer's Warranty.

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Wide Expandable Closet Organizer

Do you need a closet organizer? Do you a small closet and most of your clothes are piled up? if answered yes to any of these questions then we have the solution for you.

  • Organize your entire wardrobe with this fully customize-able closet organizer.
  • Each unit comes with eight 14 by 14-inch shelves along with two cantilever shelves for maximum storage space.
  • You can also adjust the height of each shelf at one inch intervals.
  • The unit also comes with two expandable hanging-rods that are adjustable from 22-inches to 47-inches long.
  • You will also have no problems storing small items on each shelf with eight polypropylene shelf liners included.
  • When fully expanded, the closet organizer measures at 72-inches tall by 83-inches wide by 14-inches deep.
  • When fully contracted, the closet organizer measures at 72-inches tall by 58-inches wide by 14-inches deep.

Wide Expandable Closet Organizer Specifications:

  • Dimensions:  14" D x 72" H x 58" to 83" W (expands)
  • Finish:  Chrome Plated Steel
  • Pole Diameter:  0.75"
  • Includes: 14" x 14" Shelves (8 pcs), 14" x 28" Cantilever Shelves (2 pcs), Hanger Rods (2 pcs), PP Shelf Liners (8 pcs) & Leveling Feet (8 pcs)  
  • Adjustable to fit any room or closet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weight: 53 lbs.

Date Added: 01/07/2015 by Thérèse
I'm nearly 6' tall with legs that go on forever (extra long pants). I put the bottom bar ~2" higher than recommended. Both bars work fine for me: no clothes dragging on the floor; no overlapping clothes. This organizer went together in about an hour - and that's with trick-or-treaters coming to the door every few minutes. It was the easiest assembly I've ever done - really. It is very cleverly manufactured. It takes only 4 screws (for installing the bars). The end result is an incredibly sturdy and heavy duty organizer. I do not see the need for strapping it to a wall. The self-leveling feet have a non-skid bottom. This organizer was very well thought out. It's worth every penny of its very low price. I highly recommend it. Haven't seen one better.

Date Added: 09/09/2013 by Burke H.
I was very happy with the shelf set. It actually goes together quite easily, just make sure the shelf pieces are put on with the larger holes toward the floor and they will seat right. I figured this out after putting two on. I also discovered the two towers go together faster if you don't screw the top and bottom rods together right away. Wait until you have two shelves on each bottom set then the towers will be very stable/easy to move and you can put the top rods on and finish the upper shelves and supports.

Date Added: 11/11/2014 by ChaChiMo
As we always fight for a spot where to hang our jackets and since the closets seems to be designed by somebody who never had more than one jacket and a pair of shoes, I decided to invest a little more money and I bought this closet organizer for the entry hall. I have attached two pictures of how it looks like. It is big at its fullest extension and very heavy. I suggest you to assemble the rack exactly where you intend to put it. Instructions were really clear and it was very easy to put it together. It only took me like 30 minutes and I was amazed of how perfect all parts fit together. For extra safety I also anchored it to the wall with the straps that are coming with it. I consider buying another one since this is one good and strong structure.

Date Added: 02/07/2015 by Kyle F.
Very sturdy, easily put together -although repetitive and time consuming. Holds plenty of clothes and jackets and i have at least 60 hanging things on it. Exactly what I expected. Perfect for what I needed. Extra clothes wardrobe. The drawback is that the height could be a little taller, meaning the shirts are too long as to fit on the upper and lower shelf simultaneously, because the bottom portion of the shirts drape on the floor if shirts are on lower tier. (if shirts are on upper tier - they hang over top the lower tier). Does that make sense???? In other words, if you hang two shirts up, one lower and one upper, one of the two shirts is going to either be touching the floor, or touching the lower tier where other clothes are hanging. Could be 6 inches taller i guess. Or just hang pants and shirts on different tiers? But then again, I am a man, so female clothing would probably not overlap when hanging as much. I wear larges. This was my only concern, otherwise its perfect for what i needed.

Date Added: 04/14/2014 by Maykay
Very sturdy. Easier to assemble if you start with the bottom half rod putting on shelving.Then put on the top rod and finish putting on shelving. Change spacing for different size shoes, boots, etc. Measure the distance from the top rod to the second rod to make sure you have just enough clearance, so you can double hang clothes. Bottom rod shirts will still touch the floor, so, I put bed rises under the four legs on both sides. Now, the clothes will not touch the floor. Thinking about buying another.

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