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Wide Chrome Expandable Closet Organizer 58"- 83"


As we always fight for a spot where to hang our jackets and since the closets seems to be designed by somebody who never had more than one jacket and a pair of shoes, I decided to invest a little more money and I bought this closet organizer for the entry hall. I have attached two pictures of how it looks like. It is big at its fullest extension and very heavy. I suggest you to assemble the rack exactly where you intend to put it. Instructions were really clear and it was very easy to put it together. It only took me like 30 minutes and I was amazed of how perfect all parts fit together. For extra safety I also anchored it to the wall with the straps that are coming with it. I consider buying another one since this is one good and strong structure.
Date Added: 11/11/2014 by ChaChiMo