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Wide Chrome Expandable Closet Organizer 58"- 83"

Sale: $229.51
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Very sturdy, easily put together -although repetitive and time consuming. Holds plenty of clothes and jackets and i have at least 60 hanging things on it. Exactly what I expected. Perfect for what I needed. Extra clothes wardrobe.

The drawback is that the height could be a little taller, meaning the shirts are too long as to fit on the upper and lower shelf simultaneously, because the bottom portion of the shirts drape on the floor if shirts are on lower tier. (if shirts are on upper tier - they hang over top the lower tier). Does that make sense???? In other words, if you hang two shirts up, one lower and one upper, one of the two shirts is going to either be touching the floor, or touching the lower tier where other clothes are hanging. Could be 6 inches taller i guess. Or just hang pants and shirts on different tiers?

But then again, I am a man, so female clothing would probably not overlap when hanging as much. I wear larges. This was my only concern, otherwise its perfect for what i needed.
Date Added: 02/07/2015 by Kyle F.