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Heavy Duty 3 Shelf Wire Utility Cart


Great cart! Stands up to all I use it for.
I bought one of these four years ago and have to say it is worth far more than the price. At the time, it was the only reasonably priced cart found online after scouring the internet. Similar carts were selling for five times the price here.

This cart is very well made, sturdy, and does not wiggle. After fours years of steady use, the finish is still as nice as the day it arrived, but I have never left it outside nor gotten it wet. Yes, the assembly binstructions could have been more clear, but any very handy person can put this together with a bit of trial and error. If you are not handy, you might have a bit of a more difficult time, but the final product is worth it.

You will see a similar model for sale without the PVC bumpers above the wheels and no plastic shelf liner sheets. They are well worth paying the extra! The bumpers protect your walls from dings and the three shelf liners (which I saw for sale elsewhere for $22.50 each) allow you to place the smallest of items on any shelf for transport. The removable shelf liners are semi-opaque somewhat flexible heavy-ish plastic sheets that easily wipe clean.

I have a long narrow house and use this to move laundry in Sterilte bins from one end of my home to the other. (Two of the 50, 55, or 73 quart bins from Wal-Mart will fit side by side on the top, tilted to rest over one edge, or one lengthways with room leftover. I adjusted the middle shelf so I can put one additional bin on the bottom.) I have used it for carting boxes out to load when moving my household, and to load the vehicle for vacation. I have used it to place tools on while doing projects in the house. The cart is very high quality and very sturdy and strong. The only downside I have noticed is that one of the wheels now squeaks or groans. I'm sure a little lubrication would fix that.
Date Added: 09/03/2014 by Patty P