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Sentry Undercounter Money Deposit Safe UC-025K


I purchase this for our church. Since we have multiple worship services and the offering collection is not counted during each service, this is a safe and very secure way to hold the offerings till the authorized staff is ready to count the offering during the last service. During the other services the ushers or deacons (always two of them) will place the offering in an envelope and insert it in the drop slot. When the deacons who count the offering are ready to do so, two of them must insert their keys to open the unit up. This protects both the offering and the deacons... since no one deacon can open the unit, none can be 'accused of taking any of the cash' (most of the offering is in checks but there is always some small amount of cash).

So I can understand in situations where you are OK with just one person present being able to open this safe, the need for two keys can be frustrating... but in cases where you always want at least the two people to be present when the unit is open, then this is very useful. At banks, ATM units are always opened only in the presence of two employees to protect the integrity of the cash deposits and the integrity of the employees. This functions similarly so it is useful in some scenarios. Though I don't work at a bank, it wouldn't surprise me if the ATM's can only be open with the use of two keys.
Date Added: 02/08/2015 by A. Lee