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MESA Burglary Fire Composite Safe MSC2520E/MSC2520C

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  • Model: DHO-MSC2520

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MESA Burglary Fire Composite Safe MSC2520E/MSC2520C Product Description

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This Mesa Burglary and Fire Composite Safe has a 2-hour fire rating that was tested in temperatures up to 1830°F. It also has adjustable shelves and 1 recessed anchor hole that can be mounted to the floor. It has a battery-operated electronic lock that is protected by an internal spring-loaded re-locking device.

MESA Burglary & Fire Composite Safe Quick Overview

  • Dimensions H" x W" x D"
  • Exterior: 26.25" x 21.63" x 21.625"
  • Interior: 21.5" x 16" x 15"
  • 2.98 Interior Cubic Feet
  • Approx Weight: 639 lbs.

MESA Burglary & Fire Composite Safe MSC2520E/MSC2520C Features:

  • Two hour fire rating, tested in temperatures up to 1830°F, immediately after the heating test the safe was dropped from a height of 30 feet and then reheated for another 45 minutes.
  • Battery operated electronic lock protected by an internal spring loaded relocking device.
  • Door is constructed with a 1" defense barrier of outer and inner plates enclosing fire resistant material.
  • Massive 1" diameter live locking bolts.
  • 1" diameter solid steel dead bolts lock deep into the body preventing door removal during a forced entry attempt.
  • One anchor hole provided to secure your safe to the floor.
  • Heavy duty hinges for added security and also provides easy smooth door operation.
  • High strength interior shelves can be adjusted or removed.
  • Easily change your personal code in seconds.
  • Keypad lockout penalty will activated if combinations are entered incorrectly, frustrating the would be burglar.
  • Decorative tri-spoke handle.
  • Electronic lock included.

MESA Burglary & Fire Composite Safe Additional Information

Model MSC2520C/MSC2520E
Finish Grey
Lock Type No
Outside Dimensions

H 26.25" x W 21.63" x D 21.625"

Inside Dimensions H 21.5" x W 16" x D 15"
Interior Cubic Feet 2.98
Lock Type Optional (Combination Lock or Digital Lock)
Fire Rating 120 Minute (2 hours)
Shelves 1 Shelf