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Data Protection Safe HDS-1000E


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this safe. I am so happy we purchased it. Its 500 lb weight makes it virtually impossible to remove from its location in our home unless someone comes in equipped with dollies and the like. Its construction is unbeatable and my confidence in it performing like it was meant to in the event of a fire is high.

After I received it I had a few issues with the digital code and customer service for this product was unbeatable. They even contacted me again to make sure the directions worked and all was well.

We got it into our home, myself and my fiance', and literally it stayed right where it landed. Thankfully it was right at the spot in the closet we'd hope to drop it. Honestly, I dread moving it with us this summer but we'll be better equipped this time around. It's worth lugging around and I don't want to ever life without it.

Thank you for a great product! It's something I can't say too often anymore but this is worth every penny. Throw in the outstanding customer service and you've got a winner!
Date Added: 02/16/2015 by Monica Elchlepp