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Brass Electronic Key-less Deadbolt lock 6 Users w Remote

Sale: $143.08
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This is a great door lock. It works very well and has lots of neat features. It has a remote control for your key chain, can be opened with the key pad or with a regular door key. You can program it so it automatically locks behind you or leave it in default mode so that when you press the "lockstate" button at the top it locks. Or, you can just use the remote fob or the key. It's very neat, you never have to worry about forgetting your key. My wife (who is very picky) says "it's the coolest lock ever!".

If you have your hands full you can press the key fob and the door opens 20 feet away.

I installed it myself. At first it seemed very confusing but it was actually quite very easy to install. The programming seemed a little confusing at first but is also easy with a little bit of practice. It comes with a "Programming Code". You punch it in, then enter the code for the operation you want to perform (adding a new door code, deleting a code, adding a key fob, etc, etc). It's pretty easy.

It uses 4 AA batteries, so the batteries aren 't those hard to find expensive batteries and the battery cover slides off easily without removing screws.
Date Added: 03/04/2015 by Jack S.