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Buy a Wire Shelf by Size


Excellent All the Way

Thank you for your quick and courteous response this afternoon and at the initial time of the order. I went back, read the directions one more time, tried it again and I was able to open the safe. There are no problems to report, only a compliment for excellent service from the time of placing the order, prompt and professional deliver to a "Happy Safe Owner" now, if all of life were this easy and pleasant.

Highly Recommend!

I ordered a couple of shelving units from Discount Mall, They are great for our laundry/workroom- house paints/supplies and power tools with easy access, its been great, highly recommend! This rack and bins have been great for our workroom-small tools, nails,screws,plumbing parts, electrical, etc. everything in its place! Has been great! For the right job, these would probably be great, however we only needed 1 because what we were storing for the most part didn't need the bin divided in half. Might be good if they sold in smaller quantities.

Thanks Again

Excellent. Thanks, again.

heavy duty shelf

Very strong and durable shelf, shelf can be adjusted in 1" space, heavy duty shelf and wheels. about 100 lbs., i recommend it.

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Should I use a mechanical or a digital lock?


Should I use a mechanical or a digital lock?


Each has its advantages, but both perform well if properly installed and operated. Mechanical locks appeal to folks who don't want the bother of electronic backup, but digital locks are just as reliable and offer some advanced technologies like biometric access, audit trail, multiple users, time delay, and time lock capabilities.
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