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Buy a Wire Shelf by Size


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Very strong rack with wheels

Oh baby, just what i have been looking for. Very strong rack with wheels, brakes and adjustable to 1" increments, it came with plastic insert to put on the shelves, i do need them now but nice to have. Thank you for shipping those shelves so fast, you are a life savor. I will be back for more.

great selection

This shelving unit is perfect; Discount Mall offers a great selection of custom shelving sizes--the only company I could find that had the size I needed....54Hx48Wx18D. I set up a 50in TV with attendant components on it. The quality is great and so was the service.

will recommend to friends and family

Nice safe will recommend to friends and family. Using it for 6months and very happy wit it.


Fast response. Timely delivery.

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How do I get into my safe after a fire?


How do I get into my safe after a fire?


If you can, please tell the firefighters where the safe is located. If they can they will try and keep the fire away from it.

After the fire has been extinguished you should leave your safe to cool for several hours, before trying to access it.

If the lock has not been damaged you can try and input your combination and retrieve your belongings. If the lock has been damaged and you are unable to use your combination, contact a local locksmith and they should have the correct tools to get into your safe.

Contact your safe manufacturer.
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