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Buy a Wire Shelf by Size


great selection

This shelving unit is perfect; Discount Mall offers a great selection of custom shelving sizes--the only company I could find that had the size I needed....54Hx48Wx18D. I set up a 50in TV with attendant components on it. The quality is great and so was the service.

Highly Recommend!

I ordered a couple of shelving units from Discount Mall, They are great for our laundry/workroom- house paints/supplies and power tools with easy access, its been great, highly recommend! This rack and bins have been great for our workroom-small tools, nails,screws,plumbing parts, electrical, etc. everything in its place! Has been great! For the right job, these would probably be great, however we only needed 1 because what we were storing for the most part didn't need the bin divided in half. Might be good if they sold in smaller quantities.

Keep the good work

Customer Service was excellent with updates of the order status, i will do business again. Keep the good customer service.

heavy duty shelf

Very strong and durable shelf, shelf can be adjusted in 1" space, heavy duty shelf and wheels. about 100 lbs., i recommend it.

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How do I bolt down my safe?


How do I bolt down my safe?


Required tools: drill, wrench, 7/16" (11.0mm) bit, for wood anchoring: 9/32" (7.20mm) bit, for masonry anchoring: 3/8" (9.5mm) masonry drill bit.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Tip the safe on its right side. (door hinges horizontal with the floor)
  2. Unlock the safe and open the door.
  3. Look on the bottom (outside) of the safe for two indentations in opposite corners. Using a 7/16"(11.0mm) bit, drill a hole through each indentation perpendicular to the bottom of the safe.
  4. Close the door and tip the safe upright. Place it where desired and re-open the door.
  5. Use a screw or drill bit to mark the floor through both holes.
  6. Move the safe aside to clear both marked spots for drilling.
  7. Drill into the floor: For wood using a 9/32" (7.2mm) bit, drill a hole 2 1/2" (64mm) deep in each marked spot.  For masonry: using a 3/8" (9.50 mm) bit, drill a hole 2 1/2" (64mm) deep in each markedspot. Install a masonry anchor in each hole.
  8. Replace the safe in the desired position, with the holes in the safe aligned with those in the floor.
  9. Securing the safe: For wood: pass each lag screw through a washer, then through the safe and into a hole.  Tighten with a wrench.  For masonry: pass each lag screw through a washer, then through the safe and into a masonry anchor. Tighten with a wrench.
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