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TA Adler-Royal Satellite 40 Typewriter

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  • Model: DHO-Satellite 40
  • Product ID :620
  • Condition : Brand-New with Manufacturer's Warranty.

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The TAAdler-Royal Satellite 40 is compact, rugged and reliable and offers an extensive array of performance features. This typewriter has impression control and can type through 7 pages with carbon.

Paper handling:

  • 15" Maximum paper width
  • 11.5" Maximum paper length
  • 1, 1 1/2, 2 Line spacing
  • Index/Reverse Index
  • Automatic paper insert

Printer characteristics:

  • 20 characters per second print speed
  • 100 character daisy wheel
  • 10,12,15, PS Pitch selections
  • 90,000 correctable ribbon capacity

Correction memory

  • 700 character memory
  • Line / word / character erase
  • Relocate express
  • Half-space
  • Battery backup

Special functions

  • Line framing
  • Superscript / subscript

Automatic functions

  • Carriage return
  • Centering
  • Flush right
  • Character and word underline
  • Bold print
  • Decimal tab
  • Right margin justification
  • Line indent
  • Caps lock
  • KBII for special characters and foreign languages

MSRP $519.95

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Questions About This Product
  • Question: I was interested in knowing if there is a warranty on the adler typewriters and, if so, what that warranty is. Thank you !
    asked by Denise
    • Answer:
      all Adler-Royal typewriters feature a 180-day parts and labor warranty, including the Satellite 40.

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